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Welcome to Nursery

Our Foundation Stage begins with ‘F1’. They receive fifteen hours of education; either five mornings, or five afternoons starting the term after their third birthday. ‘F1’ is also be referred to as Nursery. In September of the academic year that children have their fifth birthday, they begin ‘F2’. These children form our Reception Class and attend school full time.

Meet Our Teachers…

Mrs Julia Mayhew - EYFS Leader, Forest Schools
Mrs Julia Mayhew - EYFS Leader, Forest Schools
Miss Jade Millington - EYFS Teacher, SENDCo, Intervention lead...
Miss Jade Millington - EYFS Teacher, SENDCo, Intervention lead...
Mrs Rebecca Brooks - EYFS Teacher, Geography
Mrs Rebecca Brooks - EYFS Teacher, Geography

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Foundation Fun Autumn Two

This half term our first topic is ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. We will be concentrating on lots of number work, recognising numbers, counting and putting numbers in order. Please help at home by looking for numbers when you are out and about and counting things at home like plates, stairs and toys.

Please read the book with your child at home, letting them read back to you, the bits that they can. We will also be reading The Three Bears story and learning the nursery rhyme Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear. We will be sending home the words to the rhyme.  Hopefully at the end of the topic we will act out our own version of Bear Hunt for you to come and watch.

Later in the half term we will be thinking about Christmas. Our performance day is Monday 18th of December 2017. Morning nursery and full-time children will perform at 9.30am. Afternoon nursery and full-time children will perform at 2.30pm. Please only attend one performance to allow everyone a chance to see the show.

Please name all your child’s belongings, and send children in warm clothes for forest fun days. We go outside everyday so coats are needed. Please bring your child to school every day, most children can cope with coughs and colds. It would be helpful to send your child some tissues if they have a runny nose. If they are too ill to attend school, please let us.

We expect all full-time children to be able to write both of their names with all letters formed correctly by the end of this half term. Please help at home.

We would like part-time nursery children to be recognising their first name on a name card from a class group. It would help if they could also know the letter that their name starts with. They could also begin to have a go at copy writing their first name, only use a capital letter for the first letter in their name.

We are hoping the building work will be finished very soon, please let me know if you would like a look round when it is finished.

Please come and talk to me if you need any help or advice.

Thank you

Julia Mayhew and the Foundation staff team.

Morning Timetable

8.00am-8.50am: Breakfast Club for (F2)
8.50am-9.10am: Registration
9.10am-9.30am: Letters & Sounds
9.30am-10.30am: Active learning
10.30am-10.45am: Milk, fruit and circle time
10.45am-11.20am: Literacy
11.20am-11.30am: Preparation for lunch

Afternoon Timetable

12.30pm-12.40pm: Registration
12.40pm-1.00pm: Number Time
1.00pm-1.20pm: Handwriting
1.20pm-2.20pm: Active Learning
2.20pm-2.30pm: Milk, fruit and circle time
2.30pm-3.15pm: Literacy
3.15pm-3.30pm: Preparation & Home time
3.30pm-5.30pm: After School Club (F2)

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