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Yammer Parent Page + Terms and Conditions of Usage

Welcome to the homepage for our Yammer social network! To join, send us a request via email and, once we’ve verified your identity at school, we’ll send you an invitation and you’ll be able to join the class pages.

Here you’ll find newsletters, photographs and information posts relating to the whole school. Remember that we encourage you to comment and post, but no photographs of individual children or names please. Any concerns, please contact us. You will find the Yammer feed below the terms and conditions of usage.

Yammer Policy – Reviewed and Updated February 2017

1. Posts and Comments

1.1 All adults will uphold and promote the values of our school and communicate in a positive, accurate, respectful and responsible manner.

1.2 All parents and carers are welcome to post their thoughts and ideas in the relevant pages, and to like, share and comment on postings. We request that you do this in a similar positive, respectful, constructive and accurate manner

1.3 If followers have any specific concerns, particularly related to their own or other child/children, do not post these but speak directly to the child’s class teacher or another member of staff as you would normally.

1.4 Under no circumstances should any child be named, described or discussed. We all have a responsibility to keep our children safe.

2. Photographs and Videos

2.1 Only school authorised administrators have permission to allow the upload of photographs and videos onto the site.

2.2 No-one else is permitted to post photographs or videos on to the page.

3. Site moderation

3.1 The site will be monitored regularly by administrators that are authorised by the head teacher.

3.2 All visitors to the pages are asked to inform Mr Howard/Mr White of any inappropriate comments, behaviours or concerns they have relating to the page so appropriate action can be taken as soon as possible.

4. Misuse

4.1 In the very unlikely event of an inappropriate or offensive post, a screenshot will be taken and recorded by an administrator and brought to the attention of the Mr White. The post will then be deleted and Mr White will speak directly to the person/s involved.

4.2 If any individual repeatedly makes inappropriate comments or posts (two times or more), Mr White has the discretion to close the person account and possibly report the incidents to relevant external bodies.

5. Restrictions

5.1 The page is designed as a communication tool to engage with parents and carers. It is therefore restricted to people over 18 years of age.

5.2 Where the parent is under 18 years old, permission will be granted at the discretion of the head teacher.

6. Staff Responsibilities

6.1 If school deems that a post requires a response, a member of staff will do their best to reply within two school working days between the hours of 8.40am and 3.45pm.

6.2. It will be at the personal discretion of the staff if they choose to post or respond outside the times stated in above.

6.3 It will be at the personal discretion of the staff if they reply to any comment on the site.

6.4 The private messaging facility exists but staff are under no obligation to check or respond to private messages. We would much rather speak to you in person.

6.5 Staff can reply to any comment on the Yammer feeds and will ensure that the information is correct before posting.

6.6 As we work in teams at Holly, we will try to post something at least once a week on the foundation page and each mixed year group site.

6.7 If a member of staff feels that any post does not uphold the positive ethos of Holly, or that it places them in a negative position by either naming them or through implication, they can request an administrator to take immediate action and possibly delete the post without notification.

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