Curriculum Subjects

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

The School Environment

The School Environment celebrates diversity and all school events are inclusive.


At Holly Primary we have invested in a wide range of texts that celebrate diversity in its broadest sense, including cultural, sensory and neurodiversity. The children access these texts throughout school, starting in foundation with the Big Cat Phonics Little Wandle texts through to the latest publications for our oldest pupils. These include book banded books as well as reading for pleasure texts. It’s important that not every book that features a diverse character is written to highlight difference. We want the texts at our school to demonstrate that, whatever a person’s background, gender or diversity, we share more in common than that which divides us. By reading a range of texts where differences are represented we can help our pupils to be more compassionate, caring citizens. We are currently reviewing our guided reading curriculum to ensure that diversity is represented and celebrated, through the introduction of a broader range of texts.


Diversity and Cultural inclusion is covered across the curriculum including RE lessons, whole school focus activities and community events. Examples of this can be viewed here.

 Enrichment and Celebration

We continue to promote visits to and from people and places of worship. We aim to build strong community links with the whole community. We celebrate artwork, assemblies, festivals and our curriculum. Themes in assembly cover a range of themes including similarities and differences, respect, prominent and influential figures and what makes us different.

Diverse & Inclusive book lists – Click each image.

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