About Our School

Personal Development

At our school our children have a wealth of school trips, events, outdoor learning and residentials. These are a major contributor to good health and mental well being for our children. Children taking part in activities often display improvements in their resilience, self-confidence, and their ability to get on with and relate to peers, which in turn boosts their sense of belonging. Team-work builds trust, as well as skills such as collaboration and communication – all of which supports attentiveness, concentration, and performance in the classroom.

UKS2 visit the National Holocaust Centre

A Day In The Forest…

EYFS to Cleethorpes

World Book Day

EYFS – Kings and Queens Tea Party

Mothers and Others Celebration

Y3/4 – STEM @ Magna

Y5/6 – Geography Fieldwork

Christmas Performances

EYFS - A Little Nativity
Y1 & 2 - Donkey for Sale
Y3 & 4 - Jack and the Beanstalk
Y5 & 6 - Aladdin Trouble

Discos and Parties…Christmas & Halloween

Year 5 & 6 Meet Harry Potter

Anti-Bullying Week & Children in Need

Year 3 & 4 History live at Brackenhurst

Grandparents’ Afternoon

Harvest Festival – Sherwood Forest Foodbank

Multisport Wheelchair Skills

Key Stage One visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Reception visit Twycross Zoo

Operation REACHER – Mansfield Police

A Small Selection of Maths Rockstars & Super 200 Readers

GREAT Project

The GREAT Project enables primary school children to gain knowledge about healthy relationships, to explore what domestic abuse is and to know where to go for help and support.

Father’s Day

Y6 Edale Residential

Y5 Walesby Residential

Y3/4 Sherwood Forest Residential

Dress to Express

World Maths Rockstar Day

Mother’s Day

Reception to White Post Farm

Y3/4 – Acorn Football Trophy Winners!

World Book Day

Choir @ Young Voices 2023

Carol Concert @ St Albans Church

Christmas Performances

Early Years Falconry Experience

World Cup & The Puppet Man

Anti-Bullying & Children in Need

World Cup & The Puppet Man

Roman Day

Christmas Discos

Christingle Visit

Supporting Rosie May Foundation

Halloween Discos

Grandparent’s Afternoon

Macmillan Coffee Morning

The Puppet Man

Sherwood Pines – History

Wheelchair Skills Week

Rebecca Adlington Visit

Holly Primary School