Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular Activities

We develop pupil’s skills in a range of areas including the arts and fitness. We have a fabulous choir that children from Year Three can join meeting every Thursday after school and we perform at local events including Pop Goes Mansfield, Young Voices & Kings Mill Hospital. Our wide range of extracurricular clubs are very popular and there is something available moat days. Find out more about our Breakfast Club and After school Clubs here.

After School Clubs – October – December

Monday: Circuits – Year 3 and  4 – Mr Bennett

Tuesday: Christmas Crafts – Year 3-6 – Mrs Cope & Boys and Girls Football – Year 5 & 6 – Mr Lacey.

Wednesday: Boys and Girls Football – Year 3 and 4 – Mr Lacey

Thursday: Choir continues

Friday: Dance – Foundation and KS1 – Miss Linley

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