Curriculum Subjects

Curriculum Drivers

In order to achieve our Curriculum Aims, we have identified four “Curriculum Drivers” that are reflected through all themes. Teachers’ planning ensures that these drivers run coherently across the school and through every subject. Curriculum Drivers relate to the needs of our school, our pupils and our community.

1) Our Place In Our World

2) Language & Oracy

3) Enrichment

4) Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Our Place in Our World

We want our pupils to grow up with a secure understanding of the local community, our national context and the wider world. Through a growing appreciation of different cultures and traditions, we want our children to develop respect; to embrace and celebrate diversity and know what it takes to be a good citizen. We also want our pupils to have an awareness of global issues and to take responsibility for the environment.

Language and Oracy

Communication skills are vital for both success and confidence in many areas of life and therefore we want our pupils to develop the ability to express themselves clearly and effectively. We recognise that both listening and speaking are important when communicating and opportunities to practise and develop these skills are provided.

We know that having a broad vocabulary aids both understanding of language and self-expression. Therefore, our curriculum is language-rich, involves the use of high-quality texts, promotes an inquisitive approach to language and provides opportunities to practise new vocabulary. In turn, we want our children to develop a love of reading.


Enrichment opportunities are provided for our children as we firmly believe that these opportunities have a number of benefits, both academically and personally by broadening their life experiences. We believe that enrichment can help to raise academic standards, enhance performance and teach life skills that will equip our pupils for an ever-changing world.

It gives our children the chance to participate in activities that supplement learning and enable them to broaden their skills and experiences, identify talent and enhance it.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

We recognise the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles in school and want our pupils to develop an increasing understanding of the many different factors that contribute to keeping healthy. Our curriculum provides opportunities for our pupils to learn about their physical health, what constitutes a balanced diet and about how exercise benefits the body. In addition, we want our pupils to have a developing understanding of how to maintain good mental health.

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