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HIstory 3


Lessons from the past may not always ward off “doom”, but they can provide insights into the present and even the future. History forms a very important part of our curriculum at Holly and we challenge children to learn and retain information about the past in order to prepare themselves for future learning in this subject and in their everyday life. As a school, we aim to inspire curiosity and fascination about Britain and the wider world and wholly develop each child’s historical skills, understanding and knowledge through looking at a wide range of primary and secondary sources.

Over and above all this, we want our pupils to be passionate about History. Our History curriculum is full of areas of study which foster awe and wonder and actively motivate children to ask ‘why’. Alongside these areas of study, the children at Holly will go on some fantastic trips such as Sherwood Forest’s World War 1 trench, The Holocaust Centre and Tuxford Windmill.


  • To develop a chronological narrative of the past and know how this affects the present and will influence the future.
  • To develop a coherent understanding of Britain in the past, including a focus on local history, and to investigate events in the world.
  • To understand the concept of change and a sense of what has changed and how or why.
  • To understand the importance of sources and to be able to use these effectively to study the past.



Each term, we use a range of methods to assess skills and knowledge attained by the children –

  • Pupil Voice
  • Three Thinkers Questions
  • Book Looks
  • Regular lesson feedback
  • Benchmarking
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