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At Holly Primary School, our intention is that children enjoy the subject and learn about the main historical periods, styles, traditions and musical genres. We develop curiosity for the subject, and an unbiased respect for the role that music can play in expressing aspects of everyday life. Enjoyment and curiosity develop through listening, singing, playing, evaluating, analysing, composing and performing in the company of others.

We are committed to ensuring children understand the value and importance of music in the wider community, and are able to use their musical skills, knowledge, and experiences to involve themselves in music in a variety of different contexts. There are opportunities to learn different instruments, and we have a fabulous choir who perform in various venues.


  • Enjoy music.
  • Experience music across time, genre, tradition and culture.
  • Express themselves creatively and develop their musical voice.
  • Entertain audiences through solo, small group and larger ensemble performance.
  • Evaluate their own performance and the performance and music of others.



Each term, we use a range of methods to assess skills and knowledge attained by the children –

  • Pupil Voice
  • Three Thinkers Questions
  • Book Looks
  • Regular lesson feedback
  • Benchmarking
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