Year Groups

Year Three & Four

KS2 – Year Three & Four

A broad and balanced curriculum provides children with the skills, knowledge and understanding they need to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals.

Welcome to Y3/4

Children have now made the transition from Key Stage One and continue with a new, and equally engaging, curriculum. We encourage greater independence and individual responsibility, children go on their first overnight residential, they are able to join the school choir, and our expectations of good behaviour and high standards of work are made clear from September. We have three classes in Lower Key Stage Two and always welcome parents popping in. Our Yammer feed below will give you regular updates about life in our team.

Y3/4 Topics

Toy Story


Artists & Playwrights

Extreme Earth


Ancient Greeks

Wider Opportunities

Wheelchair basketball

Myths and Legends

Nottingham Forest FC

Rock Steady Music



Y3/4 Visits & Visitors

Sherwood Forest

The Mill Adventure Base

Space Centre

Creswell Craggs

Severn Trent Water


Sherwood Forest

Values & Themes

Mutual Respect






Autumn Two – Overview

Mr Daniel Bennett - Assistant Headteacher, KS2 Teacher, Assessment, Prevent...
Miss Sophie McGuiness - Deputy Headteacher:
Miss Emily Patterson - KS2 Teacher, School Council & Design Technology
Mrs Nina Graham- KS2 Teacher, Design Technology
Mrs Jo Freer - KS2 Teacher, Art

Welcome back after the October half term break. This is going to be an extremely busy term leading up to Christmas with the children rehearsing for Jack and the Beanstalk production too.

In Maths this term, the children will be learning how to add and subtract, work on their times tables, multiply and divide by 1, 10 and 100 and use units of measure like kilometres and metres.

English will be linked to our Ancient Greece topic where the children will learn create their own narrative about Medusa, a newspaper reporting on the invasion of Troy and a playscript.  

In our topic work, the children will use atlas skills to identify and label European countries, complete a timeline of historical events, design and make a Greek clay pot, learn about the Greek Gods and Goddesses, sample Greek foods and learn about the Ancient Olympics.

Our Science unit is plants, where the children will learn about the parts and functions of a plant, investigate what a plant needs to survive, how a plant pollinates and the life cycle of a plant.

Extra Information & Site Links

All children will have key words to learn on a weekly basis as well as mathematics and literacy/topic themed homework. The children are also expected to read everyday and each time the diary is filled in, the children can move along the reading stars track to gain their first 100 reads award. As we all know, reading is the key to learning.

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